Surfachem Brasil

Surfachem Brasil Ltda, a subsidiary of Surfachem Group Ltd,  is a major distributor of speciality chemicals to the cosmetics and personal care, household and I&I, pharmaceuticals, food and other chemical market sectors. 

Surfachem Brasil Ltda was formed in 2014, as a result of a joint venture between Surfachem and Vitrine Química Ltda, an established distributor of speciality chemicals to the cosmetics and personal care, and household and institutional & industrial (I&I) cleaning markets. 

Headquartered in Guarulhos, São Paulo, Surfachem Brasil Ltda has expert knowledge of the logistics, legislation, innovation and R&D of the chemical industry, and are renowned for the consistent provision of the highest level of customer service.

We distribute chemicals and deliver advantage.

The company provides the platform from which to develop a regional presence and to provide our customers and supply partners with exceptional service and support. 

We are extensively supported by our Head office in Leeds, UK, the Surfachem Technical Facilities at the Huddersfield University, UK, adding know how in marketing intelligence, global sourcing knowledge and global marketing capabilities. Our global supply chain with strategically positioned warehouses provides secure and flexible delivery.

Vanderlei Lima

Managing Director - Vanderlei Lima - Industrial Chemist , MBA in Sales Executive in ESPM ( São Paulo - Brazil), Co-founder of Vitrine Quimica in 2013.

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